Free Hosting FTP

If you already have a website and you are looking for a new top free hosting provider, it would be of great importance to make sure that your new free web hosting provider offers a convenient way for you to upload your website's files. Using FTP you would be able to easily upload your files. All you need is an FTP client - the software used for the FTP connection and file upload and the FTP details - provided by your free hosting provider.

FreeHostia - Free Hosting with FTP

An excellent free host with FTP support is, i.e. free hosting with FTP. With FreeHostia you get a fully featured free web hosting plan and you can upload files via FTP. There are also file resume, which make the upload process easier and ensure that the upload can continue even if your connection fails at some point in time.

With FreeHostia you also get an online File Manager, which you can use to upload a .zip of your entire website at once. This makes the file upload even easier. With the online file manager integrated within your free web hosting control panel you can also modify files, edit, rename, move, copy, etc. - virtually all file operations are available through an intuitive and fast web interface.